SEO = Seek Every Opportunity

SEO = Seek Every Opportunity

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, but could also mean Seek Every Opportunity. The two are related concepts.

This Kestrel Quip proposes and alternate and complementary definition for SEO.  Search Engine Optimization is the ongoing process of ensuring the search engines can crawl, index, and rank highly the content found on a website.  There are several facets of this process.  Technical questions like code and hosting and site architecture can help or hurt indexing. Content on web pages and PDFs and even images can be developed to attract visitors.  The authority of a domain as expressed by the number and type of sites linking to it are another SEO consideration.

You can see why this also translates to “Seek Every Opportunity”.

Technical – Do you consult with website code and hosting experts to ensure your content management system can be edited to help with optimization? Are your user sitemap and XML sitemaps current? Do you use good security practices to prevent the dreaded “this site may be hacked” message in Google?

Content – Are there print assets that have not found a home on your website? Is the content on your website unique? Is it presenting the most persuasive argument for doing business with you or partnering with your non-profit? Are your subject matter experts given a platform to share their expertise?

Links – Would anyone link to your website if they were not a partner or saw a chance to monetize it? Do you have URLs that are consistent and user-friendly? Do you develop relationships with industry leaders or partners who have influence in your market? Do you use free or subscription tools to even know who does link to your website? Have you created a presence beyond your website (like social media) to help get the great content you created discovered?

All the questions we’ve asked above are just scratching the surface of opportunities to improve your search engine visibility.  They are interrelated and all need attention.  When doing SEO, seek every opportunity.