GDPR Worries?

GDPR Worries?

You probably have your inbox flooded with companies asking if you were still interested in hearing from them. This is beccause the compliance date of GDPR is upon us. Happy GDPR Day!

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European Union’s attempt to protect the personal data of its citizens. It specifies what data can be collected, and how it can be stored and shared.

You may be thinking  “I’m in the good old US of A and the ocean will protect me!” Not so.  You still need to be aware of what data you collect and where it goes.  Ignorance of a law is not a good defense. There are penalties for non-compliance. Scary stuff, but don’t just sit there mired in worry. Take a closer look and take action!

Here are some resources articles that nicely put this regulation’s roll out date in effect. (I am not a legal expert, consult a lawyer if you have concerns.)

The official EU page with Obligations or if you are that kind of reader, curl up in the EU Library.

PC MAG has a good series of articles about what Americans need to know including today’s.

Hubspot provides a printable checklist that is, frankly, a little intimidating.

Review the resources above and make sure you are informed!